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Technical, or at least pertaining to being.



Publications & Research Documents

A Recipe for Game Development in CS2 - My undergraduate thesis. Also available as a self-narrating pptx.

No Silver Lecture: Essence and Accidents of Computer Science Education - A survay paper of approaches to computer science education.

SensorFlock - A research project I worked on over the Summer of 2007 under the guidance of Professor Richard Han. Published in ACM SenSys '07.

Validation of the NASCART-GT Flow Solver - Results from my apprenticeship with the 2003 NASA SHARP program, mentored by Dr. Stephen Ruffin. Lots of pretty pictures.


Riff Wars - A musical flash game featuring a single-stringed banjo and a cinematic endgame.

Pente! - A JavaScript Pente board.

Progress Invaders - A concept game, designed as an exercise in implementing an avoidance schedule. Highly addictive.


NoteSlab - My note-taker of choice. Think NotePad plus tabs, Autosave, rich text, and network synchronization.

Epoch - Epoch: A Suck-Free Timer. Like many other timers, it times things. This timer, however, has been uniquely designed to not suck.

Roller DN- A dice roller utility, ideal for massive and arbitrary rolling. Supports Twilight Imperium® combat mode.

Random Number Generator - Generally useful. Supports unique sequences from a bounded set, thus great for raffles.

CPU Quiet - Many of the early-gen Intel Core2Duos, such as the one in my laptop, occasionally emit a high-pitched screeching sound when idle. It's furiously upsetting, and this program squelches it. This is literally a minimum-priority spin loop which prevents the CPU from ever becoming idle, thus stopping the noise. When active, a peaceful tree icon will exist near the clock - double click on it to close this program. Be advised that CPU Quiet does tend to send your computer into CPU-Fan hell.

Rubiks - My first C# and DirectX project. Old and crude, posted for sentimental value ;-)